The Campbell Consulting Group
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Business comes from the referrals of SATISFIED CLIENTS
  At Campbell Consulting Group, we combine incomparable issue and process expertise along with a complete range of public affairs services. We help our clients by creating and executing integrated strategies that are helpful in connecting them with top decision-makers, shaping public opinion, and transforming public policy.

Our substantive expertise related to impacting the public policy process is unique as compared to other public affairs organizations. Since initiation, the professionals of the Campbell Consulting Group have been offering the clients a wide range of direct lobbying services – covering local and regulatory agencies, at the state and federal levels. We are also known for providing issue advocacy services that involve high-level media relations, grassroots mobilization, advocacy, and more.

The exceptional value our team brings to solving a large number of major challenges related to public policy, not only depend upon our ability to help the clients develop workable policy proposals, but also rely on the design of efficient and comprehensive message development and issue advocacy strategies which play an important role in successfully converting the proposals into law.
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