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  Governmental Affairs
  Campbell Consulting Group offers the most impactful lobbying strategies to assist Fortune 500, 100, mid-size firms and trade associations pass or defeat legislation and regulations. Our firms work with CEO’s, COO’s, VP’s ,mid-level managers to develop winning strategies for their legislative agenda; navigating through the legislative and regulatory process; tracking and analyzing legislation; securing appropriations; educating and lobbying Governor’s, legislator’s, agency executives; and developing coalitions to drive our clients agenda at the Federal, State and Local level.
  Campbell Consulting Group has emerged as one of the top PR firms and has a rich history of supporting the client’s interest successfully. At CCG, we understand the complexity of working with government agencies. We are committed to provide you with service across the entire spectrum of federal issues. We are specialist in navigating the federal environment by embracing the opportunities, and thus, deterring the probability of risks. We solve the issues of our clients in a timely and effective way and provide them with favorable results.
We utilize several strategies to develop an effective plan in order to minimize the political risk.
At CCG, we are committed to help you through difficult and challenging periods.
Our experts thoroughly review your requirements in order to formulate effective government affairs strategies.
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